Humanists UK Pledge — Everyone who wants a Humanist Ceremony will be able to have one.

One of the big aims of Humanists UK (formerly known as the British Humanists Association) is that anyone who would like a Humanist Ceremony — which may be a Humanist Wedding Ceremony, Naming Ceremony or Funeral, will be able to have one performed by our network of Humanists UK Celebrants. If you contact any of our celebrants, or if you go to the Humanists UK ‘Find a Celebrant’ webpage, you can find a celebrant of your choice. The significance is that, whilst there are a lot of celebrants out there who claim to offer ‘humanist ceremonies’, there is no guarantee of how good they are. To be fair, there are many good ones out there but there are also others… Humanists UK Celebrants have undergone very careful selection, extensive training (face to face, not correspondence type) and they are regularly checked by observation. If you want a top quality celebrant, you know you will get one with us.



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The Quiet Celebrant

After a career spent largely in education, ranging through almost every sector, I am now a Humanist Funeral Celebrant. I work in the West Midlands and beyond.